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Personal Attention for your Estate Planning Needs

At the Law Office of Scott H Marcus, we provide legal services to meet your needs in your estate planning, estate administration, trust, adult guardianship, or family law matter. We understand that your case requires sensitive handling and compassion during this difficult time. We will advocate powerfully on your behalf. We work to meet your needs while also preserving familial relationships to the greatest extent possible and keeping your costs low. The confidential services we provide always place the needs of our clients first.

We take seriously the job of aiding our clients as they plan the future financial security of their families and businesses. From simple wills to million dollar trusts, we provide the same advice and counsel to clients that we would offer to a friend or family member.The goals in preparing appropriate estate documentation are twofold: (1) minimizing any federal or state tax liabilities and (2) having your last wishes honored. We believe it is therefore important that your estate plan be handled with personal attention One size does not fit all.

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